An Italian family get a signature tower.


Completed in 2008 by Aiolou Architects (Eleni Tsigarida and Jamie Anderson), this seafront holiday home is the renovation of an old tower house in the beautiful small harbor of Aghios Dimitrios in Mani. The building was originally part of a walled complex on the seafront and was probably the outhouse of the bigger and very prominent Christeas Tower that overlooks Aghios Dimitrios. It used to have three stories but the upper floor was severely damaged during a big earthquake in the early 20th century. It was demolished and roofed above the second story with a pitched tiled roof.

The feeling of sturdiness and coolness on the lower level is due to the original building having walls that exceed 100 cm on the ground level and were built using porcelain in their mortar. The defensive character of the building is evident in the detailing of the openings and the gun holes (typical of the region) in the stone walls. A single story extension of inferior quality was added at the back of the property when it was separated from the complex. The house had undergone a series of distorting renovations during the 20th century.

The owners, a large Italian family wanted to create a home that could sleep up to 12 people at a time. This led to totally stripping the frame of all interventions and